“Time To Eat”- Ms Fitz’s Maths Group


Please explain to our audience what we’ve been doing in maths.  What have you learned?  Have you been proud of anything you’ve achieved? This is a time to self reflect on your learning.  I’m looking forward to seeing your comments.

Thanks, Ms Fitz 🙂

TIME TO EAT- maths

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  1. chloe says:

    Dear Miss Fitz,
    I loved doing the Time To Eat maths. We had to do Division and Multiplucation.

    From Chloe

  2. mrsoconnor says:

    Hi 5/6 F
    We were wondering if you were learning about money?
    We have been learning how to make $1 with other coins.
    5 cents is the smallest value.
    There is a $100 note.
    50 cents plus 50 cents equals $1.
    Each note gets bigger by value. So the $5 note is the smallest note and the $100 note is the biggest note.
    The largest coin is the 50 cent and the smallest size coin is the 5 cent.
    10 cent plus 5 cents equals 15 cents.
    20 of the 5 cents equal $1.
    2 of the 5 cents equals 10 cents.

    from 1/2 O

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