Crazy Hair Day & MisFits Trivia Day


Last Day of term 2, we had such a fun day while raising money for our new garden, we raised over $270 just for a bit of craziness!  We had a parade to check out each others grades, then a whole school dance.  I was extremely proud of my grade 5/6 kids, they had the best attitude and had a lot of fun doing it!  Everyone got up and danced!  You rock MisFits!

Check out the pics!

image_10 image_5 image_17 image_4 image_19 image_16 image_18 image_11 image_3 image_2 image_13 image_14

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  1. Lach H says:

    Dear Miss Fitz,
    What a lovely day that was. The trivia was fun and we came 2nd! Our team name Cool Sleeping Homeless footy players. The name was made by Daniel. It was a good way to end the term with laughs and tough questions. 🙂 But until my next comment…
    Lach H

  2. Emily says:

    Dear 5/6 F,
    Crazy hair day was a lot of fun and everyone participated in it. It was a great way to raise money for our garden bed makeover. The JSC (junior school council) will be able to buy some great plants

    1. msfitz3 says:

      I agree, Em! And it was a lot of fun too, a great way to celebrate the end of a term and raise much needed funds. Thanks JSC, what a great outcome!

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