Tree Planting Day- Landcare

At Epsom, we care about our environment and community.  With the help of Landcare, we are looking after our local creek by planting river gums and shrubs for birds and wildlife.  This will also help with the erosion in this area.  While we were planting our trees, three local kookaburras couldn’t help but laugh at us in our gumboots, but I bet they’re thankful to us.  Even dead trees like this one are used for birds to spy on their prey, looking for mice and smaller animals like lizards to eat.  Hopefully our shrubs grow soon so that the lizards have somewhere to hide!

As usual our buddies were an amazing asset to our school helping the little buddies plant the trees and explaining the steps involved.  I love watching the big buddies, they’re fabulous teachers, ever so patient and never ever do the task for the little buddies.  Well done, guys.  You’re a credit to our school, our community, me and of course yourselves!

I’ll be entering us into this competition (click on the link below) to hopefully win some great enviro prizes.  You just never know!

Thanks for a wonderful day Landcare, we love helping out our community. image_15 image_49 image_16 image_10 image_17 image_13 image_20 image_8 image_42 image_43 image_50 image_46 image_4 image_29

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