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  1. RYAN T, RYAN N AND TY says:

    Hi guys its Ryan T, Ryan N and Ty here we hope you like the experiment we did so here it is.
    What we need is string salt and ice cubes
    Ryan N, What I think happend is that the ice frozze the salt and made the string stuck!.
    Ryan T So what i think is that the salt turend to ice. 😀

  2. msfitz3 says:

    Fantastic boys! I love how much thought you have put into why this is happening. Your presentation infront of the class was great and the video explaining the experiment was a great addition. Well done on a job well done! Now, we just need to work out why this is happening!
    From Ms Fitz

  3. milliy says:

    whats that. it looks reel cool.

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