Leadership Fundraiser- Schweppes Centre


Last night, the Student Leadership Team including Captains and JSC attended and ran a fundraising dinner at the Bendigo Schweppes Centre.  They spoke confidently, clearly and represented our school and themselves with pride.  Here are some snapshots of our 5/6F leaders.  We are all proud of you!  Thanks to Saff the official photographer!

-Ms Fitz 🙂

image_8 image_15 image_4 image_2 image_6 image_9 image_10

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  1. epsomps says:

    Hi Grade 5/6F,

    This looked like a great night. I was sorry to have missed it. I hope it can become a yearly event. You must be very proud of yourselves.

    Bye from Mrs Ashby

  2. Georgia says:

    The night was amazing the speaches where good. From Georgia

  3. Lach H says:

    That night was amazing. I surely enjoyed that. It was really tough for me to go up and speak in front of a big crowd.

    Also there was a sticker competition for chocolate and I was lucky enough to get the sticker. Thanks to Mrs B for organising the night it was awesome!

    Any way until next time…
    By Lach H. 😀 😀

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