Epsom Basketball Team


These boys made up of 5/6 F and 5/6 B are the Epsom Basketballers. Their coach is Austen Flint a big time basketballer on a break from basketball in the USA. He was an amazing role model for our boys, always positive, fair and encouraging.
This group of boys had the best attitude! They had a great day, encouraged each other, worked as a team and had big smiles on their faces all day! They displayed wonderful sportsmanship and I couldn’t have been prouder of them. They did not win one game! 🙂

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  1. Lach H says:

    I fell sorry for the basket ball team for not winning any games but thats what happened on Footy day.

    Great sports man ship by the way.

    Any way until next time…
    By Lach H.

  2. Ryan.N says:

    Sorry boys next time you boys will do better!

    From your best mate Ryan!

    1. Damo says:

      To Ryan
      Thank you for the feed back
      and you got one thing right you are a best mate

  3. Bree Reale says:

    It was great to be part of the day, it’s not about winning. It’s about getting out there are giving it a go, trying new things, meeting new people and most of all having fun 🙂 Awesome effort by the team.

  4. damon .R says:

    thanks mum. to the team, was so proud of being the captain of the team we had awesome sports man ship and i loved that even no we lost every game we done our best


  5. MArk says:

    ty guys for reptiled about bastetball games and ty for the bastetball team

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