Mark’s Game- have a go and let him know how it went!

Space Soccer Dodgeball

What you need:

-soccer ball

-round ball

-little soccer goals


Where can you play it?

Basketball Court /Soccer Field


2 team of 12/1 Sub/1 Keeper/4Strikers/3Midfielders/3Defenders.

2 captains

1 umpire

1 sub off the field.

 11 players on field.


  1. No hands on the ball.

  2. No body contact with others.

  3. Little soccer goals  to score.

  4. Keeper is the only one to catch ball.

  5. Midfielders, Strikers can kick goals only if past the white lines

  6. To win,get round balls to shoot the ball into the goals



3 Comments Add yours

  1. mark says:

    have fun

  2. jesse says:

    Where is the dodgeball in that.

  3. Ryan.N says:

    To Mark

    How do you play? Because it dose not say how to play.
    But great job!. 🙂

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