T20 Cricket- Boy teams and Girls Team

A great day had by all!  Thanks to our fantastic coaches, Stepo and Mitch- we really appreciated your support, wisdom and encouragement! 

image2 image5 image8 image9 image10 image13 image3 image4 image11

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  1. Blake H says:

    To Everybody,

    I was on the Boys Cricket team, and trust me it was Awesome. Exept for the bit where got sunburn. It was about 37′ celcias. So it was hot, VERY HOT. I got 4 or so 6’s, and 6 or so 4’s. We had 4 games, then however won all four move on to the finals. We won 3 of them, and we lost 1 of them. The girls won 1 of there 4 games, and lost 3!

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