Are you getting a bargain? Percentages!

IMG_4149IMG_4224 IMG_4225 IMG_4227 IMG_4226We see Percentages everywhere in our everyday life.  When we first started on our Percentages journey, we were a little freaked out- decimals and fractions, but as we have come to understand what the word “percent” really means, we have found, it’s not that hard!

I would like you tell me please Misfits…

  1. Where do you find this in the real world?  What time of the year are you most likely to see it?
  2. Show me some real working out using a catalogue.  Is there anything related to percent in a catalogue?
  3. Finally, show me if you can mathematically work out the amount of money you will save.  HINT:  Work out 10% first and go from there!

The photo above is what we find in the Class of Misfits all the time!  Can you give me an example of when you found a different way to the “normal” way of thinking or working out? Jordy, you demonstrated this beautifully in maths when we were working out percentages in shopping!


Ms Fitz

PS. Can anyone tell the readers out there what the word “percent” literally means?  It may help others understand.

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  1. Tahlia says:

    Dear ms fitz
    here is our bargain

    498 15%

    10% 49.80
    5% 24.90 to work out the 5% you need to divide your 10% and divide by 2


    then you take away
    to get your new price
    =24.90 here is our new price
    by Tahlia

    1. Tahlia says:

      Ms Fitz
      You usually see percentages on boxing day in the shops because they want to get ride of everything in stock.

      PS. This is for number 1/2

  2. Broden says:

    -Broden’s Work-

    At the AFL shop you can get a Retro Hawks Jumper for $175.00 but it has %20 off lets work that out…

    So you start out with $175.00 so you can leave the $ and move the decimal (.) across 1 because there is one zero in %20. ($17.50) Also you get ride of the end zero. So once you move the decimal you stack two $17.50 so…
    1 1
    + $17.50

    So the answer is $35.00 so now we will subtract $35.00 from $175.00
    + $35.00

    So the new price is $110.00. Hope this helps!

    P.s %20 might not be on the Retro Jumper.

  3. Lach H says:

    Hello everybody I am Lach and this was a fairly easy task to do.
    First item was from Target:
    $250 for MetelBeard’s Sea Cow
    Today is 40% off.
    + $100.00

    2nd one is from the Lego shop.
    Super Secret Police Dropship.
    Today is 25% off.
    + $30.00

    – $90.00

    3rd one is from Toys ‘r’ us.
    Skylanders Trap Team Starter pack for PS3.
    Today is 60%
    + $45.00
    Thats all from me and I will se you all later.
    Lach H. 😀

    1. Lach H says:

      You see lots of bargons on boxing day so they can just get rid of all their stock because Christmas just finished.
      By Lach H.

  4. seeton says:

    xbox one


    2 2
    10% $48.8
    10% $48.8
    10% $48.8
    $146 .4


    new price $431.60

  5. Damon says:

    Barbie ipod doc
    30% 50
    – 150
    30%of50 ANSWER 200

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