We have discovered that Shakespeare used alliteration to make his writing sing! Alliteration is vital in poetry, it creates a musical effect.  It renders flow and beauty to a piece of writing.

We used Mr Poppers Penguins as a starter, then realized a lot of nursery rhymes and brand names also use alliteration.

So 5/6F, share your thoughts.  Can you think of any great literary pieces that use alliteration, maybe an author and what brand names can you think of?  You may even like to make one up of your own!

You may work as a pair if to generate your ideas.   I can’t wait to read what you have in your heads!

-Ms Fitz

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  1. Holly says:

    A alliteration is words like kit-cat cocacola and tic tac

  2. tahliawh says:

    Dear Everyone,
    i am not very good at alliteration
    but jordy is if you ever need help just go to jordy
    From Tahlia

  3. Layla says:

    The other day we were doing alliteration.We found a a lot of them.
    From Layla

  4. kamryn says:

    Alliteration: The flowers flopped ferociously in the fire.
    Alliteration brand names: Kit Kat, Coca Cola, Tic tacs, Freddo frogs, Caramello koala + so much more!!!!!

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