Remembering the ANZACS- resources

“As If He Knows”- Eric Bogle

This term we will be investigating the ANZACS during WW1, the Gallipoli campaign in particular as it was 100 years ago this April the 25th.

The resources below will form a basis for our investigations over the next few weeks.  Check them out, become familiar with them, you will refer to them a lot.

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  1. Bree says:

    Ms Fitz,
    What I thought about the ‘As if he knows’ song was it was about the horses that went to war and helped the soldiers as transport and other stuff. Also when people said how the horses had to be shot I think that maybe that was because the soldiers couldn’t take them back to Australia.
    – Bree 🙂
    P.s the song was very sad and I can’t wait to look deeper into it!

  2. Jorja says:

    Ms fits
    I thought That it was about how the hoarses helping them though out their they went every where with there hoarses and how the digger and their hoarses where soulmates .

    Ps.the lyrics where sad:(

  3. Natasha says:

    I thourt that the vidios where really good.

  4. tallis says:

    it said in the video that they shot the horses because they didn’t want to leave them their with the other soldiers

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