Our ‘Great War’ Honor Wall

Our Epsom Honor Roll is located in our multi purpose room.  You’ve each been allocated a soldier to research using The Australian War Memorial site and The National Archives of Australia.  We want as much information as possible to paint a picture of life 100 years ago in Epsom and Bendigo using what we find from Epsom Soldiers.

Thanks to Mr Tony Millar for showing us that this is possible.  His presentation was on Leslie Williams from Castlemaine PS and the information he found out was incredible.  We left feeling like we knew this amazing man from 100 years ago.

Don’t forget, every little piece of information you find is a piece of the puzzle.  Mrs Bruns, Mr Millar, Mr Lavars and I are so excited to find out what you find about our dear soldiers of Epsom.

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THE TASK: Epsom PS Honor Roll Biography.IMG_0151

* Locate as much information using the suggested web sites.

* Record your findings – scrap book, story writing book, blog, emails to yourself.

* Try and locate photos, siblings and family.

* Research the information further by providing  detailed accounts . eg your soldier’s occupation may have been an ironmonger. What’s an ironmonger? Find out! Where did they serve? Use a map to show which country and where.

* Send an email to Mr Millar or Mr Lavars letting them know how you are going. They may be able to give you some suggestions as to “what next”.

PRESENTATION: Write a biography on your soldier. Present it how ever you like, using any apps or programs that may suit.  It must be presented on your blog eventually.

BE PATIENT, BE THOROUGH and enjoy bringing your soldier from just a name on the honor board to someone you have got to know more personally.

-Ms Fitz

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  1. asherg says:

    this is a really interesting topic.
    I can’t wait to get started.


    P.S I sent heaps of comments last night but the iPad didn’t send them. 🙁

  2. tallisxyz says:

    I have my persons diploma on my blog.

  3. oliver says:

    At the moment I am at the presentation stage with everyone else related to my soldier. At the moment I am drawing my soldiers self portrait and just waiting for my group to gather more info. – Oliver

  4. LachH says:

    G’day everyone.
    Just telling you what I am up to in my research.
    With the information I am going to make a powerpoint on my soldier and its history.
    Some of the suggested sites like egro.siv.gov.edu.au, ancestry and more sites are useless. Finding the information was not easy. Took me a while but I found him. My guy is amazing with his family tree. It is massive. Hope you know what I am roughly doing so that is all from me and I all see you later…
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

    From LachH. 😀

  5. breev says:

    Ms Fitz,
    Bree : I have found some information but it can be very confusing so I am going to email Mr Millar to see if he can help send me in the right track. Also my man’s information is a bit weird because it just doesn’t sound correct. I will just have to keep persisting and try to find more info instead of all the basic stuff. 🙂

    Asher : I have found a fair bit of information. I’ve just emailed Mr L to help find some more info on his story. I have done 5 pages of a keynote and I’m about a quarter of the way through. I have found another few pages of info at home so At the moment I think I’ll reach the dead line of end of term.

    Bree & Asher 🙂

  6. Ryan and Darcy says:

    Ryan. I’m stuck I can not find any thing I have emailed mr L but he hasn’t responded.
    Darcy. I’m the same as Ryan!

  7. Tallis says:

    Hi Miss Fitz I just wanted to tell that i’m up to making a presentation about my guy.

  8. kamryn says:

    G’day , And where im up to in my project is round about 25% of my project out of 100%.
    I only just found out my guys name wasn’t John it was William.
    But i’m off to a very good start

    Kamryn 😉

  9. layla says:

    Im up to researching about Epsom Primary

  10. tahliawh says:

    Dear Ms Fitz,
    Tahlia: I have found out a lot i have found out where
    he is buried and i have started a keynote
    of my person. From Tahlia.

    Holly:I have lots of inform about my person I know what age he was and lots more.
    From Tahlia and Holly

  11. katiexyz says:

    John Gooding
    Date Of Embarkation:25 september
    Fate:First Batalion 1916
    He was marryed to Mrs M Emma
    Embarktion roll number:23/38/3
    Regimental number:5615
    Religion:Church of englend
    Adderess:Gifford Victoria
    Date registered:19 feb 2001
    This is all I know about John Henry Gooding
    By Katie-jade

  12. maddi .h says:

    Hi Miss Fitz I am hiting a brick wall but still trying and trying I keep finding this person with the same name on every website

    from maddi

  13. epsomps says:

    Have you used the anzaccentenarybendigo? http://www.anzaccentenarybendigo.com.au

    Looks like lots of great investigating going on here. Great detectives at work. I hope to be able to view your presentations. Is anyone making a documentary? Or a podcast?

    Cheers from Mrs A.

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