Welcome to Night School!

indexHello and welcome to the Bloggers Cafe! We trust you are enjoying your night and having a cuppa on us!

Please tell us about your experiences tonight and give us some feedback about our very first Night School, by leaving a comment.  Ask for help if you need it!

We will reveal your letter when you have left a comment for the Crack the Code hunt.


5/6 F and 5/6 B

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  1. blakehi says:

    Dear Class Of Miss Fitz,

    Welcome to Night School everybody! YAY.

  2. Sharyn and Kaitlyn says:

    Ni hao ma Miss Fitz
    Do you have a phone charger? My battery is nearly flat….

  3. natashaar says:

    Awesome setup. Great idea 🙂

  4. kaity says:

    thanks for the marsh mallows

  5. asherg says:

    Loved the milo… the cafe set up was great… didn’t love the chocolate though.

    Mrs G

  6. paula says:

    enjoying night school

  7. Brodie says:

    having a great time

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