Buddy Time

To our lovely grade 6 buddies,

I would like to hear what IMG_4276you have to say about buddy time, as I think half year, it needs a bit of a rejigging.  But, I need your help!

Some things to think about….. What would you like to see during buddy time?  How often would you like to have buddy time?  What’s the time frame that would suit us?  And, what day would suit us best?

(Loving the “buddy” story Mr Lavars is reading us at the moment…..so timely…..so true!)

Thanks guys,

Ms Fitz 🙂

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  1. Kane says:

    What I really think about buddy time. We should do some sport and get more . And be more ative and go outside more. Other then that its all good.

    1. Kane buddy says:

      Sorry we should do more sport and be more ative. 🙂

  2. Bree & Asher says:

    To Ms Fitz,
    We think that buddy time should be once a fortnight, because otherwise we pretty much just repeat the lesson twice. And that also works if we have something on that week we can just change the lesson to the other week. We think it should be on a Friday because it’s more of a non full on day so we can save our energy for buddy time. The half hour before lunch would be good then we can have a picnic with our buddies. And whatever activity we do should be enjoyable for the grade sixes as well and not feel like slavery.

    Thanks Ms Fitz for letting us have a say in this,
    Bree & Asher 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    I think that we should have it once a week Friday afternoon for half an hour so we can have time to prepare for buddy time and I think that an hour is a bit too long.

  4. Jordan & Tahlia says:

    we think buddy time is a great way for the buddies and preppies to have a great bond.
    but we think that buddy time should only go for half an hour instead of 1 hour and we want to do sport activities with them like the grade 6’s did last year…
    From Tahlia & Jordan!

  5. Kacey and Krystale says:

    We think that it should be on wednesday because on friday us gr 6’s have jobs to do like bins, recycling bins, cleaning tables and plugging in technology. We also think it should be on wednesday because of assembly’s on friday and grade 6’s need to get ready. The time that suits us is at 12:30.
    From Kacey and Krystale.

  6. tony and jack says:

    We think it should be shorter time and change the time table to suit everybody.
    But what does everybody else think

  7. jordanke says:

    Hi Ms Fitz,
    What I’m thinking is that maybe we should have it on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 so we can get straight into buddy time. I don’t think we should do it after recess because we will miss out on maths and I don’t think we should do it after because we need to finish things of for the day and do our inquiry learning.
    Thanks for reading my suggestions from Jordy 😉

  8. Justine and Blake says:

    Dear Ms fits,

    Buddy time is going really really well at the moment, during buddy time me and Justine would like to see, videos, to get the preps exited about what we are doing. 2 times a week, and the time that we want to have buddy time is at, 2:30, after lunch. Monday’s and Friday’s.

    Blake and Justine.

  9. Zach and Will says:

    Hi guys,
    We recon we should do more sport and more kid pics and things like that, that the grade 6’s used to do with our buddys. Wednesdays at 10:30
    Bye By Zach and Will

  10. Lach says:

    So what I think is maybe one of the inquiry slots on Tuesday or Friday for half an hour at 1:00. So that way we can have FFF and still do Buddy time. Maybe once a fought night? Don’t know but a hour is way too long and the buddies lose their focus.

  11. the0001epsompsviceduau says:

    From Ryan T
    1.Hi ms Fitz i think Friday suites buddy time best.
    2.I think sometimes we should have buddy time but not so often.

  12. Jess and Emily says:

    Hey Ms Fitz,

    What would you like to see during buddy time? – We would like to see the Buddies having a fantastic time and the big buddies having an ok game. (HEHE)

    How often would you like to have buddy time? – We think once a week in good because we don’t want to be spending to much time with our Buddies, then they’ll get too attached because us grade 6’s have to leave next year. And even some of them now are too attached.

    What’s the time frame that would suit us? – We think 1:00 – 1:30 then have lunch with our buddies. Because we don’t want to long because then when we finish (if you finish early) then the buddies might have nothing to do and start running around.

    What day would suit us best? – We think Friday suits grade 6’s well because we don’t really have much on apart from Upper School sports and assembly which is at the very end of the day.

    Thanks Ms Fitz.

    Jess and Emily (: (;

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