What is our definition of “Extreme Weather Conditions”?

After much collaboration and loads of word work, can you define “Extreme Weather Conditions”?severeweather1

Jot your answers into the comments section. Whose definition did you like the best…that is, who did you think nailed it?


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  1. Lach, Daniel and Katie-Jade says:

    Normal weather is an occurrence of movements in the sky (mostly, it can come from other places too) that determinants the temperature but extreme weather is a lot more harmful and serious like: Tornadoes, tsunamis, typhoons cyclones and hurricanes.

    1. Kacey and Jorja says:

      Hey guys,
      We love the words you put in and the discription of the the sentences you did a great job.
      From Kacey and Jorja πŸ˜‰

  2. tallis and tash says:

    Weather is just a chance thing. You don’t choose what happens it just comes and goes. Weather like tornados and cyclone can destroy and kill allmost anything

    1. Ryan & Darcy says:

      Darcy & I think you nailed it because you said it’s a chance thing. You really don’t no what weather you will get. If the news says it will rain it can be wrong sometimes.

      Ryan & Dracy πŸ™‚

  3. Natasha says:

    You don’t know what type of weather you get it just happens to you if you cheek the weather you might know what type of weather you will get but it can change so you know might not know so you just get weather and if it is raining then you can’t stop it.

  4. Oliver says:

    Normal weather like rain and light thunder is just something that happens every noun and then, Extreme weather is unseasonal ( which means it could be the middle of summer and we have a tsunami) In victoria we mainly only have heat waves but there is such thing as a cold wave

    A cold wave is when the tempreture drops on a 24 hour scale. How cold it gets depends on what time of year. if it is winter, around ice water even colder,

    if you want more go to my blog at http://oliverco.global2.vic.edu.au/ πŸ™‚

    1. Phillip & Justine says:

      Justine picked yours because it looks good Phillip

  5. Asher, Kayla & Maggie. says:

    Our definition:
    Extreme weather is usually Huge weather patterns causing bushfires, mega storms, droughts, cyclones and other natural disasters.

    Asher , kayla , Maggie

    1. Katie jade says:

      To Asher Kayla and Maggie
      your comment is really good but you mite want to put more
      info in there but yours is really good because you have put
      lots of good words and very quick and sharp.

      But quick and sharp isnt always the key (Just a tip)
      From Katie-jade

  6. Bree and Phillip says:

    Extreme weather conditions are when the weather can be dangerous and can cause a lot of destruction to the surface. Some extreme weather conditions are tornadoes, floods, bushfires etc. For example the cause of a drought would be to much hot weather, and the effect of that would mean less rain and water to drink and water your plants. So, farmers would have a hard time harvesting food and all the land would be dry and barren.

    – Bree and Phillip πŸ™‚

    1. Caleb, Kamryn says:

      Bree and Phillip, great job! We reckon that you guys nailed it!

      Kamryn and Caleb

    2. Natasha says:

      Tash and Tallis

      We choose this because you gave a fabulous definition of extrem wether

    3. Holly and Tahlia says:

      Dear Bree and Phillip,
      congrats we think you guys nailed it we love the words that you used to tell us what extreme weather is.
      From Tahlia and Holly πŸ™‚

    4. Blake and Maddi says:

      We have chose yours because it tells you Infomation and what you are talking about. It also is excactly like what we think a definition is.

      – Blake & Maddi

  7. Caleb, Kamryn and Darcy says:

    Extreme weather conditions are a mixture of natural disasters, like thunder storms, tornadoes & earthquakes.
    Extreme weather conditions can cause damage to buildings and cities. It has a lot of human & nature impact. They can also take the lives and effect people and animals lives. They are very DANGEROUS.

    -Caleb, Kammy and Darcy
    Our definition

    1. Daniel & Broden says:

      We think you “NAILED IT” because you explained it really well and you mentioned the effect on humans too.

    2. Bree and Asher says:

      We think you NAILED IT too! You explain it really well and how it has a human and nature impact.
      – Bree and Asher πŸ™‚

    3. LachH says:

      I liked this one because you explained what the effect does and I think that you guys ‘Nailed it!’ From Lach.

    4. the0001epsompsviceduau says:

      Hey guys i love your definition because you explained that it can destroy buildings , cities and lives.
      by your best pal Ryan T

  8. Broden, Ryan and Tahlia says:

    Normal weather like rain and thunder happens more often then extreme weather, but extreme weather is like bush fires, Tornados, Hurricanes and Cyclones are less likely to happen. Extreme weather is caused by different movements in the sky.
    By Tahlia ,Broden and Ryan

  9. Darcy says:

    Here is a site that you could check out http://www.livescience.com/topics/global-warming/

  10. Lach, Daniel and Katie-Jade says:

    Extreme weather is, when something horrible comes either over night or during the day. You also can’t stop it at all. In Australia, summer is pretty extreme. It gets to about, 45 degrees C. In Aurtorm and Summer, Tropical Cyclones come in the, WA, NT, and QLD redions. Last year QLD got a really big storm, it was a cattagry 5.

    So there you go, all you need to know about Extreme weather.

    1. Blake and Maddi says:

      This is actually ours!
      Blake and Maddi’s

  11. Kayla says:

    I think that Oliver has nailed it. He has nailed it because he understands it and explained it well so that we understand it.

    – Kayla

  12. Layla says:

    extreme weather is when a weather event from the average or usual weather pattern will happen. For example here are some of the things that would happen in an exteme weather:
    Tornado , Flash flood, Bush fire , Volcano eruptions, tsunami and much more. A extreme weather condition will happen at any time but it’s also very rar and you can’t stop it. It will wreck anything thats in it’s way.

  13. Jordan and Jorja says:

    Our definition of extreme weather is : Cyclones, Tsunamis, Power Black outs, Bush fires etc…
    These types of weather conditions wreck homes, cities, towns and lots of lives. Things like thunder, rain, hail and small un ~ harming weather like that don’t do as much damage as these weather conditions.
    ~ Jorja and Jordan

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