Counting by Fractions

FullSizeRenderMad’s is feeling good about her fractions!  Infact, the effort and work being done this term on fractions in Ms Fitz’s math group has been impressive! Keep up the great work guys, I’m loving watching the “ah ha” moments.

Keep tearing up those “mars bars”!

-Ms Fitz

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  1. Chaltu says:

    You have worked really well that is amazing. I wish I could do that. Why don’t you come and visit my blog from Chaltu.

  2. Maddi says:

    Dear Mad this is amazing work I wish I could do this it looks really tricky. By the way, I am called Maddi and I am a maths wizz as well. I’m not that good at fractions, but I am good at multiplying I am really fast I can beat a lot of the teachers at it. It looks like you have mastered fractions. How about you come and leave some comments on our blog

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