Twitter Tips to Keep You Safe

index 2.03.14 pmTwitter Safety Tips:

By Broden & Daniel

This term 5/6F are doing a Student Photo Challenge so some students have made their own twitter accounts so we have some tips on how to stay safe on your twitter.

How to know who is a spammer:

If their twitter account is a business account and you don’t know them, don’t follow them back, just block them by clicking on one of their tweets, click the three dots and then do block.

Receive Less Ads By:

Don’t follow companies like COKE or MCDONALDS because it’s just spam in your newsfeed and you won’t see the important tweets you get.

Privacy Settings:

A good way to stay safe is to change your privacy settings. By doing this you can make it so people can not see your tweets or personal information without permission.

Here are the instructions:For computer, you move your mouse over your profile picture then click it. Go to ‘settings’ and on the side there should be your account settings. Click ‘security and privacy’ then scroll down to ‘privacy’. Then change it to suit you.

If you are on IOS (apple) you go “Me” tab then tap on the ‘gear’ icon. Select the account you wish to change and your privacy settings will be there.

But if you have a Android device tap the ‘overflow’ icon (the three dots) and select ‘settings’ and choose an account.

Who Should Follow You:

If your privacy settings are not changed, any random person can follow you. So it’s good to know who should be following you and who shouldn’t. The first golden rule being a kid on Twitter, is make sure you know every person who follows you! if you do not know them DO NOT hesitate to block them.

Be Careful Who You Follow!

Thanks -Broden and Daniel

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  1. Maddi says:

    Dear Broden and Daniel, this is an amazing piece of writing I love how you told me how to change my settings to private on different technology. How about next time you could put instead of putting ‘ if you are a kid ‘ put if you are a child like us… I think you worked really well because this has told me what to do to be safe on twitter. How about you come on our blog

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