Convince Ms Fitz to let us eat OREO’s in class!

Go on, I bet you can’t!images images

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  1. Deathhawk says:

    You should give us Oreo’s in class. You should give us oreo’s in class because you are a great teacher and because they have 8% iron. In conclusion you should give us Oreo’s in class.

  2. brodiew says:

    This is why I think we shouldn’t eat oreos in class. because it is the 3rd unhealthiest food that should be avoided so then we could get unhealthy. thats why i think we shouldn’t eat oreos in class

  3. Daisy says:

    I don’t think we should have oreos in class. We shouldn’t have oreos in class because people will loose concentration and stop working. A normal serving of 3 oreos contains 7 grams of fat. 2 grams of that fat is saturated. In conclusion i think we shouldn’t have oreos in class.

  4. DeRp KiNg ( Oliver! ) says:

    This is my short comment on why you should not let us have Oreo’s!

    My First argument why you should not let us have Oreo’s is because they are full of saturated fat and loads of sugar, They have 10% saturated fat which is a lot for a small oreo! They have 14g of sugar which is 2.54 tablespoons, that’s a lot of sugar!

    My second argument is that, that it’s just plain unhealthy! An apple or banana or any sort of fruit or vegetable would be 100% better then Oreos! If you did give us Oreos it would not help us during school. That is my final argument why I think you should not get us Oreo’s tomorrow!

    In conclusion, Oreo’s are bad for you. Don’t buy them and please if you do ( hope you don’t ), not too much or we will all be fat for days!

    Message from the writer: Please get us Oreos. In our house we have nothing but healthy stuff! I need an Oreo or I will not be sane, I’ll be insane!( I did that to annoy you Miss Fitz! )

  5. Julia says:

    We should not have Oreos because…
    Oreos have 160 calories and 14 grams of sugar! They are very unhealthy and we are a healthy eating school. They only have 1 gram of fibre! Because they have lots of sugar they will make us crazy!
    Consequently, we must not eat them, especially not at school.

  6. caleb19 says:

    Oreos must be eaten during school because no one hates Oreos.

    A good reason why we should eat Oreos during school because it will help us remember about persuasive text, also if we get Oreos we will be thankful and do more work.

    Please let us eat Oreos because you like Oreos, nearly everyone likes Oreos.
    They might have sugar but sugar means energy.

    That’s why we should get Oreos.

  7. justineb says:

    You should’nt buy some Oreos because Oreo doesn’t taste good and they are unhealthy.Oreos have 14 grams of sugar and that’s why you should’nt buy it.

  8. marnie says:

    I don’t think we should have a Oreo tomorrow because they are full of sugar and are no healthy for you.
    you might like a Oreo but remember that they have no energy and no protein for your body, so no OREO’S! A apple is best.

  9. ryancl says:

    Miss Fitz should buy us Oreos. They have alot of iron in them. Also, we are a good class and we deserve to have them since we work so hard. You can have three Oreos and it is only 140 calories, compared to a hot cross bun which is over 300 calories! They are really tasty and yummy. That is why we should have Oreos tomorrow.

  10. says:

    This is why I think we should have Oreos in class. Oreos have 1 gram of protien and vitamin B1 and B2
    and it would be a kind thing to do.

    1. says:

      Forgot to restate this is why i think we should have oreos because they are reasonably healthy.

  11. Jorja.s says:

    I dont belive Miss Fitz should hand out Oeros in class. It will waste valuable learning time, because some people like to eat slow and make it last very long. therefore I belive miss Fitz should not give out oreos in class time

  12. Harry says:

    i think we should have oreo tomorrow because it takes them 59 minutes to make one cookie so we should eat one to show we respect there time and energy to make them every day 2nd 27 carbonhydrates and 1.0kg of energy and we eat fruit everyday anyway
    : conclusion so that’s why we should have oreo

  13. natashaar says:

    O I think we should be abble too have Oreo’s in class in the afternoon.
    R We wont to eat Oreo’s in class is becase if mum and dad needs them to help build something and it takes 2 hours.They come to school very tierd.
    E We are such good kids because we have the best teacher and if you give us Oreo’s we will be better and will work harder.
    O I think we should have Oreo’s in the afternoon.

  14. Jorja h says:

    I believe that we should have Oreos tomorrow because.After work it’s really hard beacause apwe have had no sugar.Also you wil be the best teacher in the whole world if we get Oreo cookies.An Oreo cookI’ve is the best salling cookie.the Oreo cookie can also be used as art.
    Oreos are the best that’s why I think that Miss Fitz should buy us Oreo cookies tomorrow.

    From Jorja h

  15. Kayla says:

    Why se should get Oreo’s tomorrow.

    We should have Oreo’s tomorrow because I think that we deserve it because we have been an amazing class with an awesome teacher.

    Oreo’s aren’t that unhealthy if you compare them with Tim Tams, and they ARE edible.

    Oreo’s have suger, but not too much suger, but enough to give us energy.

    That is why you should give us Oreo’s tomorrow

  16. Darcy says:

    We should be able to have Oreos Tomorrow because if we eat them we will be in a happier mood when we do our work. It also takes 59 minutes to make an Oreo so we might as well eat them. That’s why we should be able to eat Oreos tomorrow.

    1. Tallis smith says:

      Hi guys I just have one thing to say. “LET THEM EAT OREO’S!!!

  17. Kamryn says:

    We should eat oreo’s during class
    O- We should eat Oreo’s during class because if we don’t, the cookie appocolypse will begin and nobody will be safe from the killer cookies
    R- A reason why we SHOULD have Oreo’s is to keep safe from
    A: The Oreo appocolypse
    B: World cookie domination
    E- Oreo’s have 8% iron, and iron is GOOD for you and your body!
    O- That is why I beleive we should have Oreo’s during class

    -Kamryn 🙂

    1. Kamryn says:

      Mine looks like ORABEO!

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