Dreamtime Stories

Check out this website, everything you need to know….its a one stop, Dreamtime shop! http://nuwarra.weebly.com/dreamtime-stories.html

The Lift- Scary Story

1 Watch the Video below http://315stories.com/video/episode-104/ 2 Read the Story below 3 Watch the  The resolution (password prompt: shred) The Lift by Patrick Carman A late season storm bringing a foot of fresh powder to the mountains was a rarity. When it happened during the middle of the week and it forced the schools in…

Narrative Writing – You have an audience!

Your task, and you WILL choose to accept it, is to write a narrative for a younger child.  You will have a specific audience in mind, either your buddy or a grade 1 child. You have been looking at the structure of narrative and explored some great picture books, looking at all the elements of…

Bendigo Writers Festival: Writing Submission

Bendigo Writers Festival 2016 The Vox Bendigo Book A YOUNG WRITERS ANTHOLOGY Bendigo Writers Festival in association with The Rotary Club of Bendigo invites your school to enter students’ writing for the chance to be published in THE VOX BENDIGO BOOK: YOUNG WRITERS ANTHOLOGY. The theme is MY PLACE. Submissions of any kind of writing…

Meet Morris Gleitzman- an Interview with him

Here is the abcSplash interview with Morris…check it out in your own time.  For the readers and writers, you’ll really enjoy this! 🙂 -Ms Fitz http://splash.abc.net.au/home?WT.tsrc=Email&WT.mc_id=Innovation_Innovation-Splash|Primary_email|20150909#!/livestream/1984475/meet-morris-gleitzman

Where is the hottest place on Earth?

Use this link to discover more about the hottest place on earth.  You will notice a word bank, be sure to take notice of this. Read the text thoroughly, ask yourself questions as you read. You will need to convert the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, this is a simple Google search. Take the Wonder…

Writing Competition- Challenge yourself!

Lost in the Bush See more details here http://lostinthebush.global2.vic.edu.au/writing-competition/ See Ms Fitz if you need help entering this competition. Good luck!