Twitter Tips to Keep You Safe

Twitter Safety Tips: By Broden & Daniel This term 5/6F are doing a Student Photo Challenge so some students have made their own twitter accounts so we have some tips on how to stay safe on your twitter. How to know who is a spammer: If their twitter account is a business account and you…

WW1 Group Biography

Presentation on the Gooding family from The Epsom PS Honour Roll Oliver, Katie-Jade, Ryan and Jorja

Fractions of a Whole (Will taught Tony, now Tony is teaching Will!)

Tony explaining Fractions of a Group Check out Tony teaching Will how to find fractions of a group!  Will taught Tony the concept which reaffirmed to Will that he understood what Mrs Bruns taught him, which was great feedback for Mrs Bruns to know that Will understands this mathematical concept!  Now, Tony can teach you! …

Counting by Fractions

Mad’s is feeling good about her fractions!  Infact, the effort and work being done this term on fractions in Ms Fitz’s math group has been impressive! Keep up the great work guys, I’m loving watching the “ah ha” moments. Keep tearing up those “mars bars”! -Ms Fitz

Where is the hottest place on Earth?

Use this link to discover more about the hottest place on earth.  You will notice a word bank, be sure to take notice of this. Read the text thoroughly, ask yourself questions as you read. You will need to convert the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, this is a simple Google search. Take the Wonder…

Writing Competition- Challenge yourself!

Lost in the Bush See more details here See Ms Fitz if you need help entering this competition. Good luck!

Punctuation! Think MINTS!

What did we find out? THAT WE KNOW MORE THAN WE THOUGHT WE DID!   So, why do we have such a problem with punctuation in our writing?  Are we just lazy?  Punctuation makes your writing interesting! LETS START USING IT (yes, I’m yelling at you)! Ms Fitz 😛

Digi-book about Earthquakes

Check out this earthquake digi-book.!/digibook/617025/earthquakes-when-the-earth-shakes

Buddy Time

To our lovely grade 6 buddies, I would like to hear what you have to say about buddy time, as I think half year, it needs a bit of a rejigging.  But, I need your help! Some things to think about….. What would you like to see during buddy time?  How often would you like…