Fractions of a Whole (Will taught Tony, now Tony is teaching Will!)

Tony explaining Fractions of a Group Check out Tony teaching Will how to find fractions of a group!  Will taught Tony the concept which reaffirmed to Will that he understood what Mrs Bruns taught him, which was great feedback for Mrs Bruns to know that Will understands this mathematical concept!  Now, Tony can teach you! …

Counting by Fractions

Mad’s is feeling good about her fractions!  Infact, the effort and work being done this term on fractions in Ms Fitz’s math group has been impressive! Keep up the great work guys, I’m loving watching the “ah ha” moments. Keep tearing up those “mars bars”! -Ms Fitz

Neighbourhood Fractions/Percentages

Maths today, have a go at reviewing what we have been working on in class- converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.  This is also about area, perimeter and scale, so make sure you really read the instructions first and take note of the scale.  Good luck building your neighbourhood. -Ms Fitz Click on the link…

Are you getting a bargain? Percentages!

We see Percentages everywhere in our everyday life.  When we first started on our Percentages journey, we were a little freaked out- decimals and fractions, but as we have come to understand what the word “percent” really means, we have found, it’s not that hard! I would like you tell me please Misfits… Where do…

Fractions- we’re surrounded by them!

This term we have been looking at fractions.  We work with them every day and have been since we were little tackas! Think about the “sharing” you did in Prep- fractions! Your timestables- fractions! Your sport-fractions! Great work today.  The following pics are just some of the discoveries.  We’ll look at them further this week!