Melbourne Cup Day

We had a lot of fun today!  Our reading, writing and maths was all about the Melbourne Cup!  It’s a teachers dream topic for maths- there’s just so much of it! We also got our creative juices flowing with newspaper and masking tape!  Check out our creations! Thanks for a fun day Misfits!

Epsom Basketball Team

These boys made up of 5/6 F and 5/6 B are the Epsom Basketballers. Their coach is Austen Flint a big time basketballer on a break from basketball in the USA. He was an amazing role model for our boys, always positive, fair and encouraging. This group of boys had the best attitude! They had…

Leadership Fundraiser- Schweppes Centre

Last night, the Student Leadership Team including Captains and JSC attended and ran a fundraising dinner at the Bendigo Schweppes Centre.  They spoke confidently, clearly and represented our school and themselves with pride.  Here are some snapshots of our 5/6F leaders.  We are all proud of you!  Thanks to Saff the official photographer! -Ms Fitz…

Zarli the puppy came to visit! CUTENESS PLUS!

Damon’s cute little puppy Zarli came into visit the MisFits today!  We were smitten.  She is a 12 week old Rottweiler and is one very happy little puppy.  As soon as she left, she fell asleep.  Big day at school!  Thanks Damo and Bree (Damos mum) for bringing her in!