Epsom Team China


We are a Team China school- sending students and teachers to China and hosting Chinese students and teachers.  Come and see our journey so far…..

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  1. Broden says:

    Hi guys!

    Hope you guys are having fun in CHINA!
    I wonder what it’s like there?
    From broden 😀

  2. Ryley says:

    Hi team China!

    I Hope you guys are having fun time in China,
    I wonder what it’s like?
    from Ryley

  3. Georgia says:

    well hi guys i hope that china was fun hope you brought lots of stuff

    from Georgia

  4. Jordy k says:

    Hi guys,
    When you went to China what was the weirdest food you tasted?How many times did you go to our sister school?
    Did you have fun?
    Next year I hope that I can go to China, it looks amaizing. I would love to see the amazing sights.

  5. Ryan T says:

    Hey Colora I hope you have fun here and have lots of friends. I hope you can teach me animals names in chinese. 😉

  6. Kacey says:

    Hey Colora I hope your having fun in Australia. What is it like in China? iv’e always wanted to go to China and see the sights and the animals and the way you guys live in China 😉 From Kacey

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